Your Product - Your Story
What do you see when you sit down with a magazine or newspaper. Probably more ads than you are actually aware of.ĮWeve all become numb to the carpet of continuous advertising we see. Page after page of bland, canned and uninspiring messages that dont get read at all. This can all be avoided with some calculated thought, planningĶ and yes, creative talent.
A striking visual is the first item that has any chance at stopping a reader from turning the page. Combined with a clever or hard hitting headline or caption it can be irresistible. Once the attention is captured, dont lose momentum. Give your audience quick, clear information about the who, what, where and why of your product or service. Cap it off with solid brand reinforcement - your logo - and contact information - telephone, e-mail, web address - and you have the basic ingredients of a truly successful marketing vehicle. 
But this doesnt just come in a ready-made-pop-it-in-the-microwave package. 99.9% of all captivating images or visuals are individualy sourced or created by trained professionals. The copy is written by experts, who also do product and market research - not only on your product, but your competitors and your industry as well. You must understand your target audience and where to reach them. The ad you create for Business Weekly is not the ad you would place in Surfer Magazine.
Above all is planning. Research the publications and the audience they reach. Ask for media kits and read their target demographics, circulations, editorial calendars and, of course, page rates. Plan a campaign and get a frequency rate. Place an ad based on local events, a sale or an editorial topic and further target your chosen audience. And, dont wait until the last minute to begin the creative process. give yourself and your creative team the time to do research and come up with more than one fire-drill concept. Even the biggest and best agencies in the world wont produce their best work on short notice.
All of this can equate to successful print advertising. That is money spent wisely. Your money!
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