Brand Cohesiveness
When your business presents an organized and professional first impression, your customers will feel an immediate sense of respect and trust for your skills, products and services. That is a priceless commodity for any business.
What FCGD can provide is the visual face of your company - your identity, your logo, your brand. FCGD will start with the basics; getting to know your business, and your market demographics through personal consultation with the principles of your organization. Additional research will be done in your market segment for comparisons of marketing strategies. Who are your competitors? Where are they succeeding or failing with their visuals? What makes your business different from the others?  How do you see your brand working for you; exterior signage, web, advertising, promotional products, stationary, vehicle graphics, product branding and packaging? Is this a re-branding of an existing business? Do you have existing corporate colors? What are they and what do they reflect? FCGD has suggestions, but wants to understand your vision first. Its your business, who knows it better than you?
From this information FCGD will begin your brand development. FCGD will assist you in applying your new brand to everything you do for maximum exposure and recognition. You will be consulted during each phase of this process. You will be involved in the development through comprehensive sketches that will reflect your input throughout the process until completed.
Finally, your new brand ID will be mastered and formatted for every possible use. You will be given a master digital archive and a comprehensive printed and digital brand ID guidelines reference booklet.  FCGD will also archive and administer your brand for any further developments or needs.
You will own everything designed for you by FCGD without limitations.
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